What I’m Listening To: My Favorite Podcasts for Business Owners

So when I’m in my car or when I have a rainy day to relax, my go-to option has been listening to podcasts. It gives me time to optimize my time and listen in on how other businesses and makers run their businesses or how they balance work and life! Many reasons why I started but first and foremost it was for inspiration. Everyone’s business needs to have a leader that inspires every day (I was not inspiring but smothering). We need help to refocus, get passionate and expand our horizons. I’ll list some of the most recent ones that I have been listening to and these are my personal recommendations and not an advertisement for any of them.


First, Creative Biz Rebellion (with Kelly and Caroline). These ladies really hit on the work/life balance and why it’s important to end your day at a certain time and still have clients the next day without hurting anyone’s feelings.


Positively Creative (with Dorothy Collier). Recently started listening to this one and some of the guests have been spot on with regard to marketing.


Strategy Hour.  These two creatives really hit on the part of the business owner who needs reinforcement to review financials, how to kick-start their strategy for the coming year and work/life balance.


There are many others for inspiration, but these are my top picks.  When it comes to growth and education here are my top picks.


How I Built This. I’ve listened to numerous entrepreneurs tell me how they got from zero to 100 and what land mines they missed on their rise to the top.


Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield is a no-brainer as she’s been the go-to marketer for online businesses for the past 5 years now!


Lead to Win is another one for knowing how to reprogram your own thinking and shaping success.  Sometimes we get too focused on the cheese instead of being focused on using your team to help you get the cheese.


What Works is full of episodes about businesses that have streamlined their processes and systems and more importantly, how they did it.


So, in addition to becoming more imaginative, you can learn new skills and gain the ability to multitask. You’ll learn a new way to think about clients, employees, marketing, leadership and more importantly, maybe learn a better way to balance work and life so that you can open your mind up for even more inspiration and creativity.  What inspires you? Feel free to let me know your favorite podcast!