The Only Decision Harder Than The Seating Chart Is The Wedding Invitations-Part II

TIPS FOR DESIGNING & PRINTING THE perfect wedding suite

Last time, we talked about the beginning steps of one of the most important parts of your wedding day…your stationery.  Now for the last 5 points for you to consider when it comes to your wedding invitations!

  1. How many pieces do you want in your suite:  

    If You’re budget is small, then opt for an online RSVP as well as online list of accommodations, directions etc. If you have room in your budget, by all means wow your guests with an impressive wedding suite. This will include RSVP/accommodations/directions/list of events and more. Adding more to your package will also incur a postage increase given the weight. If you letter press the invitation, you don’t have to letter press the other pieces (save yourself the money)! The main focus is the wedding invitation. The rest will be thrown away or mailed back to the bride!


    Calligraphy is beautiful and adds that special touch even before you open the envelope. Calligraphers vary in price so I suggest getting some referrals from your wedding planner or stationer. Otherwise, printing directly on your envelopes is something we can do as well. We will need a spreadsheet file that has all your information in separate cells (e.g., name in one cell, street address in another cell, city state in another cell and so on).

  3. When and how to send your invitations: 

    Send your invitations at least 7-8 weeks prior to your wedding. Sending earlier may result in someone misplacing the RSVP and not sending it back. Attach a stamp to the RSVP envelope to ensure them popping back in the mail to you without issue. Some brides want their invitations “hand-cancelled” rather than going through a machine to keep the integrity of your suite. Most post offices do not do this or they may charge you up to .22 each invitation for this service if they do. Company’s like Zazzle also allow you to make personalized stamps for your envelopes.

  4. Make sure you proof everything:  

    Get as many eyes on your suite as you can so as to minimize any errors, grammatical or otherwise. I suggest all brides get a proof of their suite to ensure proper size, color and grammar. Finishing does not allow for proofs so make sure you love the color, the graphic.

  5. Don’t forget all of the other WEDDING DETAILS: 

    Last but not least…don’t forget the menus, programs, table seating, table numbers, floor graphics, linen banners, parking signage, and the list goes on and one. We can take care of these items as well!


Let’s be honest, weddings are expensive! Make sure you’re budgeting anywhere between 150.00 to 4,000.00 for your print needs.  Start this process 4-6 months before you will send out your invitations.  Don’t underestimate the quantity. When placing the order, overestimate. You won’t get a price break if you need to reorder and will be priced as a new order. If you need additional envelopes, ask for them if you need them in case the calligrapher messes up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We deal with diverse situations and will be able to help guide you through the process. We have examples of wording and are familiar with the etiquette.

Last, but certainly not least, work with a local printer like Alpha Graphics that has experience with this type of design and printing. Online shopping for the most important day of your life may result in disappointment and nobody needs that kind of added stress on their big day!


We offer a free checklist, pricing guide and wedding paper swatchbook free of charge.  If you’re ready to get started, fill out our quote form or email!